Artist of the Month of December: Kostas Georgoudis

On this new month, we are very happy to have a chat with one of the most interesting Greek producers, Kostas Georgoudis.

Tell us about you, when did you start Djing and what or who were your early influences?
I had my very first connection with the electronic music during the late 90’s (1999). In that time, I went into a club coincidentally, and it was then when I heard that repeated electronic vinyl loop for the first time. I started going there often and shortly after that, I got my 2 turntables and started buying vinyls which was by the way not easy at all at that time. As a kid I had influences from disco and soul music. I Still have some cds from Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Sade, Donna Summer etc.

Since then, how have you grown into the dj/producer you are today?
I can say that I have carried disco with me ever since. Although I play mainly House music, all my sets include some disco and acid influences from the 90s. As a producer I am now more into exploring new things than having a specific style. If you listen to some of my releases you will get that feeling.

What is the best memory you have from a live set?
I think that the closing part is always the most interesting for me. There was a time when I was playing at Output club in New York, and the people I was playing for were so excited and they didn’t stop dancing. The energy that night was spectacular. It is definitely a highlight memory for me as a Dj.

If you had the chance to collaborate with a great artist, who would you choose?
There are many that I would love to collaborate with, but I had to choose one I would say Roisin Murphy.

Which of your releases stands out for you and why?
It kind of depends, as at times I tend to prefer some of my new releases and at other times I prefer some older ones. Having that in mind, I do have a couple that are my absolute favorites; the remix done by Nikolas Gale of Dirty Urban track which is always with me on bar grooves set. And also the remix of Butterfly track by Jay tripwire. As for my original releases, I would say From A Foreign Land, which by the way is my latest release, and Sonne Im Himmel which is a collaboration with Alex Dimou.

Is there any message that you would like to share with F&SP! readers?
Do everything with love and passion. Stay real and support the music industry!

We invited Kostas to mix some tunes for our Podcast Series, Grooves. You can listen to it here.

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