Kame2 & Komey – «Mister Over Sisters (Silat Beksi and Wyro Remixes) [ISR003]

«Mister Over Sisters» is the latest album produced by Kame2 & Komey featuring two original tracks, «Mister Over Sisters» and «Svyazany«, remixed by Silat Beksi and Wyro, respectively.

Track A1, «Mister Over Sisters«, by Kame2 & Komey, is a piece featuring a steady, energetic beat. The track features a persistent bassline and a series of synthesizer sounds that combine to create a sense of drive and urgency.

The second track, «Svyazany«, is a darker and atmospheric piece. It features a series of percussive sounds and a deep bassline that creates a sense of mystery and anticipation.

The B1 remix of «Mister Over Sisters» by Silat Beksi presents a somewhat more spatial reinterpretation of the original track. This remix features a series of textured synthesizer sounds and a deeper and more sinister bassline than the original version.

The B2 remix of «Svyazany» by Wyro presents a lighter and more upbeat revision of the original track. The remix features a series of optimistic synthesizer sounds and an animated rhythm that transports you to the dance floor.

In conclusion, the album takes the listener on a journey through different moods and atmospheres, ranging from the energetic and urgent rhythm of «Mister Over Sisters» to the dark and mysterious tones of «Svyazany». The remixes by Silat Beksi and Wyro add their own unique perspectives to the original tracks, creating a well-rounded and engaging listening experience. Overall, «Mister Over Sisters» is a solid release from Kame2 & Komey and is worth checking out for fans of minimal, deep, tech and house music.


Artists: Kame2 & Komey
Title: Mister Over Sisters
Label: Intelligent Sound Records
Cat. number: ISR003
Release date: 26.05.2023
Format: 12″ Vinyl

Link to buy: Here

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