Poland’s Up To Date Festival Launches Business Techno Board Game

A business techno-themed board game inspired by Monopoly has been developed by Poland’s Up To Date Festival.

Photos: Krzysztof Karpiński

Business Techno: Players trade techno properties, accumulate techno coins, and build their own
techno empire in the Game. The board features dance music hotspots like London, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Berlin, Detroit, Dubai, and Białystok, where Up To Date Festival takes place.

In the game, players must gather followers, keep up with content demand, and do whatever it takes to increase the popularity of their empire. The game which is full of real-life references, seeks to be a beginning point for discussion on the present situation of the club scene, as well as a merch element for a festival whose revenue has been impacted by the pandemic. This Saturday, November 26th, Up To Date will host a conference event in Białystok, which will include a live Business Techno: The Game tournament. 

Photos: Krzysztof Karpiński

Source: https://ra.co/news/78149

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